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Operating Procedures:


1.Dissolving Electrolytic Powder
Add water and electrolytic powder(NaOH or KOH into the container and stir, and then cool off for 10 minutes.The ratio of electrolytic powder and water is 1:5.


2.Adding electrolytic solution

(1)Unscrew the nut of water inlet
(2)Fix funnel to avoid the leakage of electrolytic solution
(3)Pour the electrolytic solution into electrolysis trough
(4)It could be better to add the solution up to 90%
(5)Screw nut of water inlet


3.Adding filter agent
(1)Turn left and unscrew the filter cup
(2)Add filter agent into the filter cup, less than 1/2
(3)Install the filter cup to its upper cover and screw it.


4.Power-on Test
(1)Connect flame gun to gas outlet using rubber tube. Choose proper nozzle according to the size of raw edges
(2)Turn on the power, if the indicator light works, blower shifts, and at the same time, turn off flame gun and the pressure value increases, all is normal.
(3)Light with direct fire, let the flame point to raw edges directly or tiltedly and keep proper distance, and then scan raw edges evenly.